RazorsEdge Magazine is a unique, quarterly lifestyle periodical
targeted to the beauty and barber industry.

RazorsEdge Magazine offers its readership insightful views on health
and fitness, fashion, sports, business and finance and current events.
In-depth and perceptive articles stress the importance of an individual’s need
for well being in their daily life, in their relationships, and with the
community in general. We are elegant but not pretentious, informative
without being opinionated. We are hard-hitting and stimulating and are
true to our audience’s ever evolving lifestyle.

RazorsEdge Magazine is presented to the reader in an exciting format,
appealing to those who are looking for new choices in the magazines
they read. Using stunning visual presentation and informative articles,
RazorsEdge Magazine offers a new choice for those who are looking for a
more contemporary lifestyle.

The image conscious RazorsEdge Magazine reader is strong, educated,
fashionable, sexy and confident. They are upwardly mobile and want to
stay enlightened and hip, while progressive and successful.

RazorsEdge Magazine is committed to family, education and finance, not
to mention fashion and beauty, politics, sports and entertainment. Each
issue will stimulate and deliver thought-provoking journalism on a national

By targeting individuals from age 17 to 60, RazorsEdge will fill a
niche in the marketplace, providing advertisers the opportunity to reach an ever
emerging audience of professionals.